Ecommerce System Features
Services and Pricing
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Service and Host Fees
Standard Ecommerce Package
Included features are listed below this Price List
Optional Features may be added to Standard Ecommerce Package Fees
Setup Fee
Monthly Fee
Catalog Hosting and License fees
Includes all Standard Ecommerce System Features
- Unlimited Catalog space
- 100 free transactions per month. Each additional charged at $0.15 per transaction.
$50 $45

Website Hosting Included
In addition to hosting your catalog, we also host your website pages and forms! This service is available exclusively to SOTW Ecommerce clients.
- One Domain Name configuration setting SOTW as the Primary & Secondary name server.
- 2 email accounts included.
- Additional are available in single or 10-packs POP bundles.
- 10MB website disk space included for your webpages and forms.
- 24-hour FTP access to your private webspace.
- Data transfer per month. 1 Gigabyte (1000 MB) included each month
- Additional bandwidth charged at $0.10 per add'l MB

$50 $0

Custom Template Development Extension
- For use with Open Developer License and Ecommerce Developer Guide
- Easily adapt custom website design to your storefront without any programming required!
- SOTW is available to consult your custom template development.

$0 $0
Optional Ecommerce Extensions
These fees are in addition to the Standard Package Fees listed above
Setup Fee
Monthly Fee

Product Keyword and Price-Range Search NEW
- A search textbox appears on your Store Entrance, Department or Product Page.
- Keyword searches are performed on any word in the Product Group data records.
- Priced-based searches are performed with or without a qualifying keyword
   (e.g. search for all "ceramics" between $100 and $200).
- Search hits are links to Product Pages
within the store catalog.
- Return pages contain previous/next links if hits exceed user-defined returns per page.
- Added setup fee may apply if SOTW is requested to update html or store templates.

$100 $10

- For merchants requiring volume quantity discounts on a per-product basis.
- Top-level discount may be an email link to initiate negotiated discount for custom order.

$0 $15

Minimum Quantity Pricing
- For merchants requiring a minimum order quantity per Product Group.
- Setup fee is charged per Product Group.

$5 each

Gift wrap option
- A checkbox appears on the Product Catalog Page and/or Shopping Cart for each product
  that may be gift wrapped.

- Allows gift wrap surcharge to be added to order, with the amount to be added specified
  for each Product Group.

$0 $5

Personalization option
- Allows customer to specify a monogram or inscription to personalize a product.
- A textbox appears on the Product Catalog page that is filled-in by the shopper.
- The "phrase" is passed on to the Order Form and Packing Receipt.

$0 $10

International Freight Costing NEW
- Shipping rates for int'l orders are computed as a multiple of the base-level ship cost.
   (e.g. Applying a 10x multiple to ground shipping of $4.50 equals $45.00 to ship abroad.
- Different multipliers may be setup for each Country.
- Only one rate may be computed for each Country.

$50 $10

Natural Language Answer Bot NEW
- Offer answers to questions posed by your clients in their naturally spoken language.
- English, French and Spanish language supported.
- Logs all questions asked.
- Answer Bot Training may be performed by Merchant.
- SOTW may also train the bot at $100 per hour. Contact SOTW for quote.

Merchant Credit Card Services
Online authorization and settlement of credit card orders requires a Merchant ID from a Merchant Service Company and a Payment Gateway to manage the settlement process.
Setup Fee
Monthly Fees

Epaygate™ Payment Gateway for Credit Card Authorization
- Requires Merchant ID account with approved Card Processor
- The Epaygate user interface
is built into the Store Manager, a central control panel for
  Inventory and Order administration.

$250 $35 &
$0.50 per order

Merchant Account for Processing Credit Cards Online
* Fees set by the individual Merchant Service Company

We can refer you to a Merchant Service company that will quote prices for fees associated with processing an authorization/settlement request for credit card purchases.
The cardholder's charge account may either have funds pre-authorized for settlement upon order shipment or may delay card authorization/settlement until time of shipment. The settlement process is conducted using a browser behind a password-protected secured Store Manager control panel.

- Bank discount fees set by each Merchant Service Company.
- Merchant designates bank account for sales deposits.
- Includes all bank settlement controls and batch audit reports.




  Discount  Rate*


Fee *

Additional Hosting and Development Services
Setup Fee
Monthly Fee
Search and Directory Portal Submissions
- Yahoo - Webcrawler - HotBot - Lycos - Alta Vista - AOL Netfind - Excite - Infoseek.
- Over 1000 Web Directories and Free For Alls link exchanges.
- Submission based upon setup required by each Portal.
- Resubmits to over 800 directories and Free For Alls once per week.
$50 $15
Additional Email Accounts
- Single POP email account
- 10-Pak POP email accounts (in lots of 10 individual POP accounts)
Domain Name DNS Registration
- Not including $70 fee for 2 year
  registration, billed separately by Network Solutions.
- Free parking without host services for up to 3 domain names.
$35 $0
Additional Domain Name Activation
- After the first domain name is setup (included in Standard Package) each additional.
  Domain Name to be activated carries this setup fee.
- One-time cost to configure Primary and Secondary DNS servers.
$35 $0
Custom Catalog Page Design $100/hr $0
Custom HTML Page Design $85/hr $0
Custom Perl Programming $100/hr $0
Product Group Data Entry
- Product Group with one SKU
- Each additional SKU Type or Variety in Product Group


Additional 50MB Website Disk Space $10 $10

 SOTW Ecommerce Features Standard Package
Storefront Creation
- Automated catalog builder using a browser and pre-defined style templates, or
- Customize catalogs by adding objects to standard HTML pages (optional Extension)

Manual Payment & Order Gateway
Manual Credit Card Processing for Merchants with Existing Card Terminals.
For Mail Order/Telephone Order (MOTO) store merchants who want to accept bank cards through the online store, but process the order manually using an existing in-house card terminal. Stores must have a MOTO Merchant ID account to operate Offline Card Authorization.
- Manual card authorization with existing MOTO terminal.
- Date-based reports for unfilled and shipped orders.
- Packing list with full order detail, including billing, shipping, credit card and itemlist.
- Credit card never emailed always remains behind secured server.
- The merchant's existing Merchant Account terms and rates apply.


Real-time Processing and Payment Gateway
- ONLINE CREDIT CARD AUTHORIZATION. Optional, see Merchant Credit
  Card Services
Merchant Account for Processing Credit Cards Online.
For merchants that have an existing Merchant ID account or want to establish a new account for obtaining immediate purchase authorization at the time of sale. The cardholder's account will have funds pre-authorized for capture and settlement upon order shipment. The settlement process is conducted using a browser behind a password-protected secured control panel.

- Online Authorization at time of purchase.
- Batch settlement system allows multple orders to be settled at one time.
- Date-based reports for unfilled, shipped, batch deposits and order status.
Packing list with full order detail, including billing, shipping, credit card and itemlist.
- Credit card never emailed and always remains behind secured server.
- The merchant's existing Merchant Account terms and rates may apply.

SSL Secured Data Center
- Includes Verisign Entryption Certificate.
- Credit card protected - never emailed.
- Real-time transaction detail backup.
- Two-year order history online.
- Lifetime data archiv

Multiple Varieties per Product Group
- A base product may be offered in several variations or styles.
- All styles within the same Product Grouping are sold at same price. (ex. Leather jacket is base product offered in sizes and colors, with no price difference among all choices).
- Multi-priced Product Groups allow more than one price for products grouped into one pull-down menu.

This o
ptional feature allows price differences based on style variations (ex. Glass dinner plate offered in three sizes with different price for each size, while all plates are edged in gold or platinum).


Order Form Comment and ID Code fields
- Allows the customer to leave gift messages, personal remarks, delivery instructions.
- ID Code allows merchant to use for sales promotions, employee discounts, marketing.

Shipping Charge Computation
- Based upon total price of Sales Invoice
- Based upon weight per product
- Based upon either of the above, plus a per product surcharge

Sales Tax Computation
- Taxable status defined for each product
- Sales Tax applied based upon Merchant's tax nexus
- Multiple states may be setup for tax computation


Inventory Tracking
- Stock levels setup by Merchant to reflect product availability
- Stock level decremented for each product ordered
- Reorder quantity setup to notify Merchant when to replenish stock

Traffic Building
- Registration in Big 8 Search Engines
    (Yahoo, Webcrawler, HotBot, Lycos, Alta Vista, AOL, Excite, Infoseek)
- Over 1000 high-traffic site registrations
- Over 220 topical search engine setups
Traffic Statistics
- Six-week rolling report date range
- Visits, pageviews and hit counts
- Visitor's IP address, duration of visit, including Order Number with order checkout
Network Traffic
-Data transfer/ mo. (1000 MB included each month; $0.10 per add'l MB)
1000MB included/month
Website Disk Space 10MB
Domains Pointed to Site 3
Email Accounts Included 2
24-hour SSL Access to Store Manager Yes
24-hour FTP Access to Website Yes


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