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---Back to last displayed pageEmail to:Help and Info WindowStoresOnTheWeb homepage There are many ways to divert traffic to your website.  We offer our Traffic Summission service to help bring visitors to your site.
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Big 8 Search Engine Portal Registration Registering your site on the most popular search engines is as essential to most businesses as placing an ad in the local yellow pages. Depending on the type of business you are in, this alone can generate significant amounts of traffic to your site.

The 8 Engines:
Yahoo - Webcrawler - HotBot - Lycos - Alta Vista - AOL Netfind - Excite - Infoseek.
Single submission per page.

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Global and Second-Tier
Search Engines Registration
Register your site on over 150 commonly used search engines both in the United States and around the world.   This is a powerful addition for businesses with a more global appeal.
Single submission per page.
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Free4All Registration

Free4All sites are a great way to drive large amounts of traffic to your site. It is also a great way to get the word out about a new site or product.

Free4All sites place a link to your site on high traffic pages. We provide once a week submissions to over 1000 Free4All links sites.

Free4All sites accumulate a high concentation of web pages that point to your homepage or store entrance. This is referred to as the "Popularity" of your link, and is used by search engines to justify higher ranking in keyword searches.

Your link appears anywhere from a day to a month after you submit your site at which time you should resubmit your link to that site. The latest submissions are given the top placement or rank within a category.  Resubmitting keeps your link page high in the rankings.
Weekly submissions.

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